Technical cleanliness result confirmation.

You can confirm the results after the analysis is completed and it has an extension of TECR. The result can be shared with other user who requests for the result data.
Figure 1.
The initial result window is as follows:
  • Layer Control - This section shows the test categories and areas.
    • User Defined Area - This layer is for the user specified section selected before analysis. The set area is highlighted in Blue
      Figure 2.
  • Default - This button resets the layer control to its original settings.
  • Save Result - This button allows the result data to be saved.
  • Load Result - This button is for loading the result data (TECR) file. The saved result data can be sent to others separately to enable sharing of the result.

    When loading results if the design name differs, an error occurs.

  • View Input - This button is used to confirm the selected test conditions.
  • Export - This button exports the result data to ODB++ format.
    Figure 3.
  • Result report - This button allows the result data to be saved in an Excel file format.
    Figure 4.