Similar Hole Size

Find similar size holes with component pin holes in certain component areas.

In the manual placement of an insertion type component, similar sizing and a location close to a component pin hole can cause errors during component insertion.

The Similar Hole Size dialog contains the following sections:
  • Target Component Definition and Checking
    • Item: Specify the item name.
    • Check Component Group: Select the target component group.
    • Hole Scan Range (%): Set the range of size for target holes. If the component pin hole size is 0.2 and the hole scan range value is 90~120%, PollEx DFM searches hole in range 0.18~0.24.

      Figure 1.
    • Same Hole Type Only: PollEx DFM searches only for the same type hole with the component pin hole type. If the component has a circle type hole, PollEx DFM searches only for circle type holes in the component outline area.
    • Except figure hole belong to component: Exclude the Figure Hole drawn in the target component.