Classification Tab

Add Group or edit existing net classes.

  1. Create Net Group.
    1. Enter a group name and class name.
    2. Click OK.
      The new Net Group is created. The Net Group can be re-classified with the Component Pin, Naming Classification, Net List, or Property option.
  2. Component Pins.
    1. Select the Net Group you created and enable the Component-Pin check box.
    2. Double-click the row.
    3. In the Component Pin Setting dialog, select a part to list all pins that belong to the part.
    4. Select pins from the pin name list.
    All nets connected to the selected pins are automatically added to the Net Group as pointed by an arrow in the figure below. In the below example, , nets connected to pins 77 and 80 are added into CLK Net Group.
  3. Classify nets using a part of the net name string.
    Using string and string filter types (Prefix, Mid-String and Suffix), nets bearing a specific key word can be added into a Net Group.
    1. Enable the Naming Classification check box.
    2. Double-click the row.
    3. In the String Filter Setup dialog, enter a key word string and selecting a filter type.
    4. Click OK.
      Chosen nets are added to a Net Group. Various types of filtering combination options help you to make accurate filtering.
  4. Net List.
    1. Select nets from net lists.
    2. Enable the Net List check box.
    3. Double-click the row.
    4. In the Select Nets from List dialog, select required nets from the net list and click Add to List.
    5. Click Done.
  5. Choose nets for net classes by their properties.
    Property types or titles appear in the Title column.
    1. Enable the Property check box.
    2. Select a property title.
    3. Click the Contents column to add property values.
    4. In the Property Contents List dialog, choose a property from the list.
    5. Click OK.
  6. Save: Save the current Net Group setting environment (*.PNCLS).
  7. Load: Reload the saved environment.