Via Coverage Setup

Generate via definition and classification which will be used for Ground Coverage, Antenna Ground and Ground wall of via rules checking via location and their area coverage to improve the ground stability in order to reduce EMI noise.

  • Via Item: Via Group name.
  • Filter Type: Choose a via selection method.
  • By Drill Size: Select a via with its hole size.
  • By Shape Size: Select via with its shape size including pad shape.
  • Range: Via selection value range.
    • Min~Max: Choose via with hole size between minimum and maximum values.
    • Min~: Choose via larger than a minimum value in hole size.
    • ~Max: Choose via smaller than a maximum value in hole size.
    • Size: Choose a via that matches the given value in hole size.
  • Size: Hole size to choose via.
  • Coverage: Distance from hole center. A circular area from hole center will be a via coverage region.


  • Input Setup

    Figure 1.
  • Applying via Information

    Figure 2.