Convert Topographical Database

Conversion of topographical data from different other file formats to the WinProp data format is possible with the converters integrated into WallMan.

WallMan supports currently the following file formats:
  • WinProp format (.tdb)
  • WinProp format index file (.tdi)
  • ASCII line format
  • ASCII grid format (.asc)
  • ASCII grid format index file (.txt)
  • Binary grid format (.bin)
  • Aircom ASSET / NSN NetAct
  • MSI Planet / Siemens Tornado (single data file)
  • MSI Planet / Siemens Tornado (index data file)
  • Nokia NPS/X (single data file)
  • Nokia NPS/X (index data file)
  • HGT (3 ARC)
  • HGT (1 ARC)
  • Digital Terrain Elevation Data
  • GeoTIFF
Figure 1. The Data Conversion dialog.

The conversion of topographical databases is done via the menu File > Convert Topo Database. Options for Conversion from Geodetic to UTM

Under Options for conversion the user can define the resolution of the database (if not already defined in the original database) and a factor which is applied to all values in the file. WinProp expects all topographical height values always in meter. So, if the original data is, for example, in feet, the factor 0.30 should be applied to all values to convert the height values from feet to meter. The undefined pixels can be interpolated to obtain a totally filled database even if only a few reference pixels were available in the original database.

If during the conversion WallMan detects that the database will become very large, a dialog appears. The user is informed about the size of the database (number of columns and lines) and can select whether he wants to produce a single database or an index database (additionally the size of the sub-databases (tiles) can be specified as well).

Figure 2. The Handling of Database dialog.