WinProp Applications

WinProp is used in, but not limited to, the following applications:
Automotive - antenna evaluation
Analysis of car-antenna performance along a trajectory using a virtual drive test or a simulation with explicit time variance. In a virtual drive test, one evaluates wireless connectivity along a trajectory, for example, a trajectory of several kilometers length near an LTE base station in a (sub)urban scenario. While the antenna moves, the geometry is stationary. In a simulation with explicit time variance (usually on a smaller scale), car traffic is explicitly present and moving as well.
Telecommunication - radio network planning for urban scenario
Analysis of a radio network in an urban scenario. For example, you can optimize the network coverage of a cellular network while taking into account the effects of buildings, vegetation and topography.
Telecommunication - indoor radio network planning
Analysis of a radio network indoor. An example includes optimizing a WiFi network to give the best coverage inside an office building.
Wireless Sensors - planning of sensor networks
Connectivity analysis of wireless sensor networks that monitors physical or environmental conditions. An example includes the placement of a sensor network inside an industrial environment to automate assembly lines.
Railway - in-cabin radio coverage
Connectivity analysis of the transmit antennas in a train. An example includes optimizing the WiFi network in-cabin and also taking into account the seats and a separate room.
Aerospace - airport radio coverage
Analysis of radio coverage at airports between the terminals and aeroplanes. An example includes the coverage of an aeroplane that as it moves away from the terminal to the runway.