How to Get Started

If you are new to WinProp, take the following steps to learn about WinProp.

  1. The WinProp Getting Started Guide contains step by step instructions on how to use WinProp.
  2. The WinProp Example Guide contains examples that show the application of features as discussed in the WinProp User Guide. The example projects assumes you are familiar with the interface and focusses on solving more realistic problems. Find an example close to a problem of interest and follow the steps to solve the problem. These tutorials are available in the installation directory.
  3. The WinProp User Guide contains information regarding WinProp and its features.
  4. The Altair web site1, provides additional resources as well as online training (self-paced training).
  5. The Altair Community2 allows you to post a question or view answers from previous posts. Join the active forum community to get email notifications of new content.