File Commands (Save, Load, Export)

MASC project settings can be saved, loaded and exported.

The MASC project settings are saved with the File > Save menu and loaded with the File > Open Multiple Antenna Config.

The MASC project (.ank) and the resulting antenna pattern are different files. In the MASC project, only the configuration is saved and described.

The resulting (computed) antenna pattern (.apb) is independent of the project settings (.ank) and must be saved separately via the menu Multiple Antenna Config > Save Antenna Pattern to be used in other radio network planning tools.
Figure 1. Saving antenna patterns.

In the menu, Multiple Antenna Config the item Save Scenario (3D Indoor Data) is also available. With this item, the generated objects (for example, masts, walls, arms, radomes) are exported in WallMan data format to be further processed and analyzed with WallMan. This might be interesting when the material properties must be selected or if further analysis with ray-tracing tools is required.