Organize Materials

In the Material Library, the Materials tab is handy for organizing materials as you work. It is here that you'll find a list of all the materials in your scene.

  1. In the Material Library, click the Materials tab.
  2. Choose from the following options:
    To Do this Note
    Show which objects a material is assigned to Click the plus symbol (+) next to the material name.  
    Open a material's parameters in the Control Panel for convenient editing Double-click the material name.  
    Assign a material to a selected object
    • To assign a material to an object, select your object/s and right click to assign a material. Choose from the material from the list.
    • In the Materials tab in the Model Browser, drag and drop the object from one material to another. If the object has no material assigned, it will appear at the top under "Objects with No Material."
    Before you do this, make sure that [1] an object is selected, and [2] at least one material has been assigned to an object in the scene.
    Unassign a material from a selected object Right-click, and then click Unassign material.  
    Duplicate the material for each object in the selected material group Right-click on the material name, then click 'Unlink material' All objects in the original material group will have their own copy of the material. The original material will be empty
    Duplicate a material Right-click, and then click Duplicate material. This option is useful if you want to assign the same material to multiple objects and edit them independently.
    Delete selected materials from the Model Browser Right-click, and then click Delete selected materials. All objects to which the materials were assigned will have those materials removed.
    Delete unused materials from the Model Browser Right-click, and then click Delete unused materials.  
    Save a material to the library Right-click the material name and click Save material.