Extend a surface along one or more edges. You can extend the surface to a curve or another surface.

  1. On the ribbon, click the Modify tab.
  2. Click the Extend icon.

  3. Click a surface near an edge.
  4. Two more extension shapes are available (not available with Reference surface and Extrusion Distance)In the guide bar, define the extension shape:
    1. Natural Shape: The surface edge is extended naturally.
    2. Arc Shape: The extension is shaped like an arc.
    • Linear: The extension is straight.
    • Soft shape: The extension has continuous curvature.
    • Reflective shape: The extension is a mirror image of the surface.
  5. Extend the surface:
    To Do this Note
    Change the extension distance
    1. In the guide bar, select Extension Distance.
    2. Type the Distance.
    3. Click the Edges to extend button, and then select the edges. Or to extend all boundary edges, select Extend all boundary.
    Extend the UV box
    1. In the guide bar, select UV box extension.
    2. Type the U min, U max, V min, and V max values.
    Extend to a point
    1. In the guide bar, select Extension to Point.
    2. Drag the point.
    Extend the box
    1. In the guide bar, select Box Extension.
    2. Drag the points.
    Change the increment factor The increment factor increases the length by a percentage. For example, if you enter a value of 0.1, the length increases by 10%.
    1. In the guide bar, select Increment Factor.
    2. Type a value.
    Extend to a curve
    1. In the guide bar, select To Curve.
    2. Click a curve.
    Extend to a surface
    1. In the guide bar, select To Surface.
    2. Click a surface.
    The selected surface is used to define the upper limit of the extension. It must extend over the extension completely; otherwise, the operation will fail.
  6. Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.