Setting up Pin Parasitics based on S-parameter

ICs are physically packaged along with interconnectors(e.g. bond wire, ball, etc.), and it tends to be that the parasitic effects of these interconnectors are provided in S-parameter format by IC vendors for accuracy. In PollEx, the User can configure this in a dialog box of the Electrical & Thermal Properties - Package Pin Para model Data. That is, a package model created based on Multi-port S-parameters can be incorporated into the simulation model in the PollEx. The red boxes below show an example of IC pins with applied S-parameters.

Figure 1.

Users can easily match the multi-port S-parameters to IC pins using the Import Pin Parasitic (Excel) marked as ①.

Below is an Excel format and by filling in the following three essential pieces of information, Pin parasitics will match the S-parameters.
  • ①: IC Pin Name
  • ②: Port1 of the S-parameter
  • ③: Port2 of the S-parameter

Figure 2.