Crosstalk Analysis Parameters

To extract the coupling parasitic elements and configure the SPICE netlist for the coupled nets, Crosstalk Analysis Parameters should be properly defined.

These parameters are used to calculate the total coupling lengths for all nets included in the PCB.
  • Max trace coupling distance (MM): The trace segments are located within this distance are deemed as coupled. During finding coupling, the traces within a given distance from the selected pivot net (trace) are found.
  • Max number of adjacent signal layers to couple: Coupling distance will be checked not for the neighboring nets running in the same layer where pivot net is running. But also done for the nets running over specified numbers of adjacent layers specified by this parameter which locates above or below to the current layer.
  • Max number of adjacent traces to couple: When there are many coupled nets to a certain pivot net, this parameter limits the maximum number of nets which will be participated in making coupled spice netlist.
  • Max via coupling distance (MM): Specifies the coupling distance between via and pivot trace.
  • Min parallel length for coupling (MM): Even though two traces are coupled by meeting Max trace coupling distance condition, if the coupled length is shorter than this value, this coupling net segment will be ignored.