Network Analysis Parameters

Control the frequency-domain analysis for extracting network parameters such as S, Y, and Z parameters.

The parameters include the starting and ending frequencies, frequency sweep type (decade or linear), and number of frequency points. The network parameters are calculated at the user-defined number of frequency points when linear frequency sweep is employed. However, when decade frequency sweep is employed, the number of frequency points is assigned to each decade within the frequency range.
  • Starting/Ending frequency (MHz): Denotes the starting and ending frequencies during the network parameters extraction.
  • Frequency sweep type: Specifies the type of frequency variation. Linear or decade should be one of them.
  • Number of frequency points per decade: Denotes the number of observing points of frequency between starting and ending frequencies.
  • Output data type: You can use this constraint to specify the output of the network analysis. (S/Y/Z Parameter, Spice Netlist, PSPICE Netlist)
  • S/Y/Z Parameter: Network Analysis results are displayed as S/Y/Z parameters.
  • Spice Netlist: Network Analysis results are saved in Berkeley Spice compatible format. (*.sp)
  • PSPICE Netlist: Network Analysis results are saved in PSPICE compatible format. (*.lib)
  • Include package pin parasitic: Upon selecting this option, the package parasitic value is included in the S/Y/Z parameter of the network analysis result.