Create a stack.

  1. Select the Stack icon.
  2. Drag the page area to create the stack area.
    A stack is created in the page list.

    Figure 1.
  3. Font: Set the font type for the text.
  4. Direction: Select the method for stack up expression as horizontal or vertical.
  5. Display Ball: Display the balls of BGA.
  6. Stack Table Name: Select the table from the list for displaying the stack.
  7. Stack Thickness Column: Choose the table to use for the stack.
  8. Stack Data Start Row/End Row: Specifies the starting and ending rows to be used to display the stack in the table.
  9. Display Thickness: Express the thickness of the stack and set the area to occupy on the screen.
  10. Display Text: Display the names of the columns specified in the table when displaying the stack and sets the area to occupy on the screen.
  11. Display Text Column: Set the column of the table to be used for the display text.
  12. User Definition: Set the overall thickness of the stack and the height of each layer.
  13. Total Thickness: Set the total thickness.
  14. Mount Height: Set the thickness of the ball exposed outside.
  15. Each Layer: Sets the height of each layer.
  16. Apply: Apply the set value.