Worksheet Planner Manager

Template Manager

Save and load the Worksheet Planner Template file.
  • Load: Loads the template file (*.ppwt).
  • Save: Saves the template file (*.ppwt).

Page Manager

Create and Manage the page.
  • Add Page: Adds a new page.
  • Delete Page: Deletes the page from the list. The deleted page cannot be restored.
  • Page Count: Shows the number of pages.

Page Template Option

  • Page tab: Shows the contents of the page.
  • Automation tab: Selects whether to automatically apply repeated items for the page (Physical Layer, Component Placement) to each page.
  • Sheet Form
    • Load: Loads the Sheet Form file.
    • DXF Symbol: Import the symbol object that was saved as a DFX file.
    • Symbol: Import the symbol object file (*.wssym).
  • Add Template Type: Selects each icon of View, Note, Table, Stack and Image, and drags the mouse on the right screen to create an area template.
  • Automation: The Automation tab displays. Repeated items for the page can automatically be applied.
  • Template Type: Check the added template type information and change the values on the list.
    • Reload: Restores the changed history to its original state.
    • Apply: After modifying the values on the list, the changed values are applied on the work screen. To delete the template type, select the type on the list, press Delete, and then click Apply to delete the selected type.