Search for symbols or nets in schematic design.

If you want to know the name of an object, you can easily find the location on the sheet and the number of sheets in which the objects belong using the Explorer tool.

  1. From the menu bar, click Tools > Explorer.
  2. For object (net or symbol), select the sheet that you want to search.
    • Searching keyword input box. If you want to search the Symbol, Reference Name, Net name, or Text, use this. Also, you can search keyword input box with Wild Card (*, ?, #) in Logic Explorer. Search keyword is case-insensitive. The list is automatically updated as you enter keywords.
      • *: String
      • ?: One Character
      • #: One Number
      • " ": Searching the matching string only
    • Objects selection in the basic search window.
      • Example 1) C(or C*): Search for items starting with C (C1, C15, CA10, ...).
      • Example 2) *C: Search for items ending with C (5VCC, GNDADC...).
      • Example 3) *C*: Search for items containing C (VCC1P0, 5VCC...).
      • Example 4) C?: Search for two-letter strings starting with C (CA, CP...).
      • Example 5) ?C: Search for two-letter strings ending with C(AC, PC...).
      • Example 6) *?C: Search for items ending with C and preceded by a letter (non-numeric) (AISC, SPKC...).
      • Example 7) C#: Search for items staring with C and followed by a number (C1, C2, C9...).
      • Example 8) C##: Search for items starting with C and followed by two numbers (C11, C20, C30...).
      • Example 9) #C: Search for items ending with C and preceded by a number (1C, 2C, 9C...).
      • Example 10) “CAP”: Search items that match exactly.
      • Example 11) SPACE: Allow multiple searches by space.
    • Search in Symbol Option
      • Search in Symbol Properties: Option to search a symbol property.
  3. Select the target object type among Symbol, Reference, Net, and Text. Select the object among the list. Selected objects are highlighted.
  4. Sheet List tab. Detect where selected objects belong. If reference symbols are placed in multiple sheets, you can easily detect their location in different sheets.
    Note: Selected objects are highlighted in red. If Auto Zoom is activated, the selected object is focused and in zoom-in status.