Under the Setting menu, there are many settings for defining default value for using PollEx Logic. Use the menus under Setting in main menu.

Environment Settings

Set the default PollEx Logic usage environment.

From the menu bar, click Setting > Environment. The Environment dialog opens. The Environment dialog contains the following sections:

Setting Description
File Search Default Path Set the default file path for file opening.
Property Database Default File Name Set the default file path for Property Database.
Colors Set the default display color for objects.
View Set the direction of mouse operation for Zoom In/Out and panning action. Once you set the direction, the arrow key’s direction is also applied.
ECAD Option While reading the Japanese ASCII file, you can change EUC-JP codes to Shift-JIS before design data reading.
Excel Export Set the default path to save the exported Excel file.
Language Set the languages for menu, display and manual.