Mentor DxDesigner

Use the File menu to import and read Mentor DxDesigner ASCII files.

  1. Extract Mentor DxDesigner ASCII file (*.cc, *.ccz) in Mentor DxDesigner.
  2. From the File menu, click Import CAD > Mentor - DxDesigner.
  3. In the File Explorer, select the CCZ file of Mentor Graphics DxDesigner to read.
    Note: The CCZ file is a compressed file and the uncompressed file extension is *.cc. You can read the *.ccz and *.cc file to get the same result.
  4. After reading the file, you can open the dialog to select the Part Name Declaration.

    Figure 2.
    • (Default) Activating this means that PollEx Logic uses the default part and reference name defined in ASCII design.
    • (User Defined) To use other part or reference names in part and reference properties, activate two options.
      • Select Part Name Declaration: Among properties of part, select properties to be used with part name.
      • Select Ref-Name Declaration: Among properties of reference, select properties to be used with reference name.