EDIF2.0.0 Format

Use the File menu to import and read EDIF2.0.0 files.

  1. From the menu, click PADS Designer > Export > EDIF Schematic(*.eds) to extract the EDIF file (*.eds) in PADS Designer.
  2. Click Import CAD > EDIF2.0.0.
  3. After specifying the .eds file, click OK to read the file.

    Figure 1.
  4. To define the part name and reference name, select Properties in the EDIF file.
    Note: Using read file's structure, PollEx Logic provides detailed options.
    • Declaration Option: Name definition section.
      • (Default) For the part and reference name, use values defined in the EDIF file.
      • (User Defined) For the part and reference name, use the property values in the EDIF file. Select one property that will be used as the part and reference name.
    • Naming Option: Change the name of the part.
      Note: If there are unnecessary character strings in the name, you can clean them up during the reading process. For example, if the net name is $$NET4987_**, you can remove $$ from the net name.
      • Remove the first character of net name: For example, $Net123 ->Net123.
      • Change net name as supply port (Power/Ground): Change the net name using the assigned port name for power or ground symbol port.
      • Enforce supply property: Use net name in net’s property.
      • Add the '/' character in front of net name (Except Power/Ground): Except for power and ground nets, assign ‘/’ character in front of all net names.
      • Merge partition for same reference: For the components that have a user-defined prefix, PollEx CP makes the net name using connected net names.
    • Construct Jumper Net: If there is a jumper in the design, use net name between one of the connected net names.
    • Allow duplicated reference name of defined prefix: Input the prefix that can use the duplicated reference name.
  5. Click Save Default UIS Data to save the above setting to reuse in the next reading.