Classify components with components’ properties (attributes).

Figure 1.
  1. v: Column for checking component properties will be used.
  2. Type: Show the component property type.
  3. Title: Show the property title.
  4. Select Type: Select the component property setting method.
    • List Select: Setting method by selecting the property values from the design data.

      Figure 2.
    • Filter: Setting method by using the string filter to set components which have matched properties.

      Figure 3.
    • Range: Setting method by specifying the range when the property value is numeric.

      Figure 4.
  5. Contents: Upon double-clicking the contents column, depending on selection type in Select Type column, the tool opens the Comment Select, String Filter, or Range Setting window.
  6. List Select: Set the design’s component properties in the Select Comment dialog.
  7. Filter: Set the component group with the components’ property value.
  8. Range: Specify the parts within the numerical range when the property value is numeric.
  9. Connected: Set the condition.

    Figure 5.
    • OR: In case of set property is matching with one of the component properties.
    • AND: In case of set property is matching with component properties in OR field and with component properties in AND field. For example, OR (A1, A2, A3), OR (B1, B2) means (A1 ∪ A2 ∪ A3) ∩ (B1 ∪ B2).