Metal Mask Checker

Calculate solder quantity for reflow soldering process.

  1. From the menu bar, click Manufacture > Solder Quantity Calculator > Metal Mask.
    The User Metal Mask dialog opens. You can see pad and metal mask on design.
  2. U-Name List: View component and pin pads.
  3. Metal mask size: View metal mask size for the selected pin.
  4. Pad Size: View pad size for the selected pin.
  5. Mask/Pad Ratio (%): View metal mask size ration related to pad size for the selected pin.
  6. Mask Volume Calculation: After setting solder paste material, metal mask thickness and correction factor (A/F: Aspect Ratio), click Calculate to calculate total solder paste weight.
    1. Material: Metal Mask Manager supports three types of compound material libraries.
      Add a new material list by materials and composing ratio. Select Advanced to complete making a new compound material.

      Figure 1.
      Default solder-paste materials’ unit weight depending on compounding materials:
      • 63Sn/37Pb: 0.0053
      • 62.8Sn/36.8Pb/0.4Ag: 0.0053
      • 96.5Sn/3Ag/0.5Cu: 0.0051
    2. Mask Thickness: To calculate metal mask volume, specify the thickness of the metal mask.
    3. A /F Ratio (%): Use A/F ratio value to correct the area of metal mask.
    4. Total Weight (g): Use the equation Total Mask Volume * Solder Paste Composing Material’s Weight.
  7. Choose View Setting Options.
    • Top/Bottom: Components that have a metal mask display.

      Figure 2.
    • Mask-Top/Pad-Top: In most cases, pad size is bigger than metal mask size, therefore Mask-Top view is preferred.

      Figure 3.
  8. Zoom In/Zoom Out/Reset/Print: Same as PollEx PCB.
  9. Display Metal Mask Area List: Check all the component’s metal mask sizes and export the lists to the MS/Excel sheet. Make sure that the viewing list is not mask-volume considering mask thickness, but dimension.

    Figure 4.