Video Tutorial: Design a Heat Exchanger in Inspire Implicit Modeling

Learn how to design a heat exchanger first using a multi-domain gyroid surface lattice and then using a biased multi-domain gyroid surface lattice with variables in Inspire Implicit Modeling.

Heat Exchanger

In this first video tutorial, we'll start with an outer shell, which will act as a manifold for the hot and cold fluid inlets and outlets. Then we'll create a volume in which the heat transfer will be performed. Finally, we'll create four baffle regions that will prevent the two fluids from mixing, one pair for the hot domain and another pair for the cold domain.

Biased Heat Exchanger with Variables

In this second video tutorial, we'll work with a biased heat exchanger where we'll assign several variables to parametrize the design. These variables allow us to easily change the cell size of the lattice, the density or thickness of the heat transfer surface, the bias of the lattice in case the fluids have different heat exchange coefficients, and the thickness of the baffles.