Plot Graph (Compare Analytical and OptiStruct Results)

Plot the comparative graph using Altair Compose.

It is not possible to plot the graph directly from the OptiStruct results, a script to plot the graph is used.

Altair Compose is a scripting environment by Altair HyperWorks. A script is written in Compose to plot the graph of Frequency versus Transmission Loss to show the comparison between them. In the graph (Figure 1) of Frequency versus Transmission Loss for both the methods, you can see that results obtained by OptiStruct agree with those calculated by the Analytical Method.

To run the Compose script:

  1. Open Altair Compose.
  2. Click File > Open.
  3. Select the Transmission_Loss.oml file.
  4. Click Start on the Compose toolbar.
  5. Select the Transmission_Loss.pch file obtained after running the model.
    A window will open.
  6. Activate the input parameters and click OK.
  7. In the point selection popup, for Point 1, select any point, except Point ID 171, (for example, Point ID 33). For Point 3, select Point ID 171.
    Compose will run the script and output the 'Frequency versus Transmission Loss' graph.
    Figure 1. Frequency versus Transmission Loss Plot