Script to submit an AcuSolve job to PBS/LSF/CCS queue.


acuSub [options]


AcuSolve Solver Program Command


AcuSub is a script that creates a PBS/LSF/CCS submission file.


The following parameters are supported:
help or h (boolean)
If set, the program prints a usage message and exits. The usage message includes all available options, their current values, and the place where each option is set.
problem or pb (string)
The name of the problem is specified via this parameter. This name is used to generate and recognize internal files.
sched_problem or spb (string)
The name of the scheduler problem is specified via this parameter.
problem_directory or pdir (string)
The home directory of the problem; this is where the user input files reside.
working_directory or dir (string)
All internal files are stored in this directory. This directory does not need to be on the same file system as the input files of the problem.
process_modules or do (enumerated) [all]
Specifies which modules to execute.
Execute only AcuPrep.
Execute only AcuView.
Execute only AcuSolve. This requires that -acuPrep and AcuView (if necessary) have previously been executed.
Execute only AcuPrep and AcuSolve. This requires that AcuView has previously been executed.
Execute AcuPrep, AcuView, and AcuSolve.
Execute AcuTrace.
Execute two-way coupling AcuTrace.
input_file or inp (string)
The input file name is specified via this option. If input_file is set to _auto, problem.inp is used.
trace_input_file or tin (string)
The trace input file name is specified via this option. If trace_input_file is set to _auto, problem.tin is used.
restart or rst (boolean) [FALSE]
Create and run a simple restart file.
fast_restart or frst (boolean) [FALSE]
Perform a fast restart. Using this type of restart, the AcuPrep stage is skipped and the solver resumes from the last restart file that was written for the run that is being restarted.
Note: The number of processors must be held constant across the restart when the fast_restart parameter is used.
fast_restart_run_id or frstrun (integer) [0]
The run ID to use as the basis for the fast_restart. When this parameter is set to 0, the last available run ID is used.
fast_restart_time_step_id or frstts (integer) [FALSE]
The time step to use as the basis for the fast_restart. When this option is set to 0, the last available time step is used.
num_processors or np (integer) [1]
This option specifies the number of processors.
num_processors per node or ppn (integer) [1]
This option specifies the number of processors per node to be used.
num_threads or nt (string) [_auto]
This option specifies the number of threads per processor to be used. If num_threads>1, this option converts an MPI run to a hybrid MPI/OpenMP run. If this option is set to _auto, acuSub automatically detects the number of cores on the machine and sets the thread count accordingly.
run_with_gpu or gpu (boolean) [FALSE]
Submit a job to a GPU machine. Enabling GPU acceleration of the solver GPU can speed up the linear solvers, the most run time-consuming part in steady-state simulations. Currently only single GPU device is supported.
queue or q (string) [_undefined]
Queue name to submit a job.
requested_node or req_nodes (string) [_undefined]
Comma separated list of requested nodes (used only with ccs).
job_template or template (string)[_undefined]
Job template to use when submitting a job (used with ccs).
constraint (string) [_none]
Constraint to request (used with slurm, pbspro, and ccs).
parallel_environment or pe (string) [_undefined]
Parallel environment to use (used with sge).
wall_time or time (string) [_undefined]
Total wall clock time for the job (minutes).
dependency or dep (string) [_none]
Job ID that must complete before this one begins (i.e. dependency).
command or cmd (string) [_auto]
Command to execute in the batch script in place of acuRun.
additional_opts or opts (string) [_none]
Additional options to add to the acuRun command.
additional_trace_opts or traceopts (string) [_none]
Additional options to add to the acuRunTrace command.
preliminary_command or pre_cmd (string) [_none]
Additional commands to execute before the acuRun command.
post_command or post_cmd (string) [_none]
Additional commands to execute after the acuRun command.
additional_scheduler_command or sched_cmd (string) [none]
Additional scheduler directives to add to the submission command.
submit_scrtipt or sub (boolean) [TRUE]
Submit a batch script after creating.
shell (enumerated) [sh]
Shell to use in batch script: sh, csh.
path_replace (boolean) [FALSE]
Flag to perform path replacement for network file systems.
path_target (string) [_none]
Comma separated list of strings to search for in all paths.
path_replacement (string) [_none]
Comma separated list of strings to replace path_target with.
sched (enumerated) [pbspro]
Type of batch scheduler: openpbs, pbspro, ccs, lsf, slurm, sge.
pbs_attach (boolean) [FALSE]
When toggled on, this parameter enables tighter integration with PBS schedulers. The AcuSolve processes are launched using the pbs_attach wrapper script that enables pausing, resuming and closer tracking of the batch processes (used only with pbspro).
perl (string) [_auto]
Path to the perl bin directory (used on Windows only).
job (string) [_auto]
Path to the ccp job command (used on Windows only).
verbose or v (integer) [1]
Set the verbose level for printing information to the screen. Each higher verbose level prints more information. If verbose is set to 0, or less, only warning and error messages are printed. If verbose is set to 1, basic processing information is printed in addition to warning and error messages. This level is recommended. verbose levels greater than 1 provide additional information useful only for debugging.


Below is an example of submitting a job using acuSub. The channel problem can be submitted in parallel on 32 processors (np) on two nodes, with each node having 16 processors per node (ppn):
acuSub -pb channel -np 32 -ppn 16
or alternatively, place the options in the configuration file Acusim.cnf as
problem = channel 
num_processors = 32
ppn = 16
and invoke AcuSub as: