Updates a license file.


acuLmf [options]


AcuSolve License Manager Program


In the following, the full name of each option is followed by its abbreviated name and its type. For a general description of option specifications, see Command Line Options and Configuration Files. See below for more individual option details:

help or h (boolean)
If set, the program prints a usage message and exits. The usage message includes all available options, their current values, and the place where each option is set.
lm_license_file or lmfile (string)
Full address of the license file. When this option is set to _auto, the value is internally changed to $ACUSIM_HOME/$ACUSIM_MACHINE/license.dat.
input_file or infile (string)
Input license file name. Extra lines and characters will be removed and the license information properly formatted.
verbose or v (integer)
Set the verbose level for printing information to the screen. Each higher verbose level prints more information. If verbose is set to 0 (or less), only warning and error messages are printed. If verbose is set to 1, basic processing information is printed in addition to warning and error messages. This level is recommended. verbose levels greater than 1 provide information useful only for debugging.


This script is provided to facilitate updating the license file. For example,
acuLmf -lmfile /Acusim/license.dat -infile /tmp/license.txt
reads the license information from /tmp/license.txt and places it in the license file /Acusim/license.dat. The former file does not need to be a properly formatted license file; it can be the entire email from AcuSim that contains the license information. Specifying -lmfile is rarely necessary since normally the correct value is specified in the installed Acusim.cnf file. The license information may also be read in from standard input by specifying -infile _stdin. This is the default, so all of the following are equivalent:
acuLmf -infile /tmp/license.txt
acuLmf -infile _stdin < /tmp/license.txt
acuLmf < /tmp/license.txt

<user types or pastes in content of /tmp/license .txt>