The Inspire Form workspace includes the ribbon, modeling window, legend, and status bar.

Figure 1. The Inspire Form Workspace
The Inspire Form workspace is organized into the following areas:
  • The ribbon includes both menus and ribbon tabs with icon groups.
  • The modeling window is where you interact with your model, and includes the view controls in the lower left corner.
  • The legend displays parts by color-coded categories and allows you to hide and isolate them.
  • The status bar displays model status information and includes the snaps filter and unit system selector.

Customize the Workspace

Change the appearance of the workspace including the color scheme, language, and various elements of the user interface.

Use the Workspace category in the Preferences to change the appearance of the user interface, including the color scheme (theme) and language. You can also decide whether to turn off the splash screen, icon labels, workflow help, user interface scaling, and other options.
  1. Select the File menu.
  2. Click the Preferences button.
  3. Select Workspace and change the settings as desired.
  4. Click OK.