Basic Functions

Learn how to select objects, pan and rotate the view, change the units system, and other basic tasks.

Select Objects and Other Entities

You can select parts and entities in the following ways:

  • Left-click to select a single object.
  • Hold the Ctrl key to add to or remove objects from a selection.
  • Use box selection to select multiple objects simultaneously.

Adjust the View of the Model

Use the mouse to pan, zoom, and rotate the model.

  • To rotate the view, click-and-drag the middle mouse button. Hold Shift and drag the right mouse button to restrict rotation to the x-y plane.
  • To pan the model, click-and-drag the right mouse button.
  • To zoom in and out, use the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Translate and Rotate Parts and Other Entities

Use the Move tool to translate, rotate, and align parts and other objects.

  • Press M or T to activate the Move tool, then click and drag to translate objects.
  • Rotate objects with the curved arrow manipulator on the Move tool.

Change the Unit System

There are two different types of units in Inspire Form:

  • Use the Unit System Selector in the bottom right corner of the workspace to change the display units shown in the user interface.
  • Use the Preferences to change the model units used for solver calculations and file export.

Browse and Organize the Model

Browse and organize all of the entities in your model using the Model Browser.

  • To find an entity, press F2 to open the Model Browser and click to activate the Find toolbar.
  • To search and filter, press F2 to open the Model Browser and click to activate the Search and Filter toolbar.
  • Show and hide entities in the Model Browser by clicking their icons or using the right-click context menu.

Tip: Completing the first few tutorials will help you become familiar with these basic functions.