Create Surface from Skin

Use the Create Surface from Skin tool to extract a surface from a skin.

The Skin tool extracts either the top or bottom surface of a thin solid for performing a feasibility analysis.
  1. From the Feasibility Prepare ribbon, Extract Face tools, click the Skin tool.
  2. Select the top or bottom surface of a thin solid.
    The selected surface is highlighted.
  3. To add to the selection, hover over a surface and press Ctrl + left-click.
  4. To extract the skin, left-click the highlighted surface.
The original thin solid is hidden and deactivated. The skin is created and can be viewed in the Property Editor. A thickness is automatically calculated and assigned to the part.
Figure 1. Selected Surface

Figure 2. Skin

Tip: To delete the skin and restore the original thin solid, click the skin while the Skin tool is active and press Delete. To reactivate the original thin solid, select View > Model Configuration. You cannot restore a thin solid from a skin once you close the model.