Geometric Tube: definition (structure)


A Geometric Tube is defined by:

  • a name (and a comment)
  • a type
  • specific characteristics belonging to a type
  • a section
  • attributes of visibility


The name to identify the Geometric Tube is set by the user during the creation of this one.

A comment (optional) can be added to the name.

Types of Geometric Tubes

The different types of Geometric Tubes and the characteristics useful for their description are presented in the table below.

Type Characteristics
Defined by a path

Type of path (open or closed)

Ordered list of Tubes Points

Propagation of another Geometric Tube

Definition of the used transformation (type and values)

Origin Geometric Tube


The shape of the cross-section of Geometric Tubes can be:

  • rectangular
  • variously-shaped full
  • variously-shaped hollow, but with a constant layer thickness

User parameter setting to define the cross-section of a Geometric Tube depends on its geometric shape, as detailed in § Geometric Tube: section.