Geometric Tube: about

Geometric Tubes

The Geometric Tube is created by the user:

  • by specifying the Tube Points composed the Geometric Tube
  • by propagation of another Geometric Tube

Characteristics of definition

Geometric Tubes may have a section of any shape but defined by a series of segments. The section can be:

  • full, possibly rectangular
  • hollow but with a constant layer thickness

The segments defining section have not necessarily a right angle between them.

The path defining the Geometric Tube is formed by parallel or perpendicular Tube Lines and in respect to the coordinate system for definition.


If the Geometric Tube with a hollow section is characterized, it can be defined by a single Tube Line, i.e. two Tube Points.

If the Geometric Tube with a full section is characterized, two Tube Lines (three Tube Points) are always accepted for any shape of the section.

However, the fourth Tube Point (and possibly the next points) can stop the definition of the Geometric Tube, because the new part can be non-connectable to the other already existing parts. This especially happens when the new Tube Point is not positioned in the plane defined by the previous Tube Points.