Create preview 3D


The Create preview 3D command is a special function available only in Flux Skew. It allows users to move to a dummy scenario called PREVIEW3D from which it is possible to:
  • Verify that the 3D skewed geometry generated by the extrusion performed by Flux Skew and the corresponding physical description are correct.
  • Create sensors before solving the actual users' scenarios. In Flux Skew, this procedure allows a faster evaluation of the sensors when compared with sensors created after solving.
    Note: Remind that this is a specificity of Flux Skew. In all other modules (Flux 2D and 3D), sensors may be created before solving a scenario without any special command.

How to preview the geometry in 3D

To create the PREVIEW3D scenario:

  • While in pre-processing, go to the Solving menu.
  • Then, select the Create preview 3D command.
  • Flux Skew will then ask for a project name for saving it. The user may choose a new name for that project or overwrite it by providing the current project name.
  • At this point, Flux Skew will build a scenario called PREVIEW3D, which becomes automatically active. The user can then explore the skewed design in 3D and eventually create sensors.
    Attention: The dummy PREVIEW3D scenario is considered solved, but contains no results. Consequently, several post-processing actions do not make sense in this context and must not be invoked. Further details are provided in the next section.

Allowed post-processing actions within the PREVIEW3D scenario

The most important actions that are allowed in the PREVIEW3D scenario are summarized in Table 1 below. The availability of the same actions in the regular 2D context of Flux Skew (before solving) and in a proper scenario (after solving) are also shown in that table, for the sake of comparison.

Table 1. Availability of certain actions in the Flux Skew PREVIEW3D scenario.
Context in Flux Skew
Possible actions 2D view (before solving) PREVIEW3D scenario Regular solved scenario
Create sensors
Change 2D geometry and physics
Check skewed geometry
Create new scenario
Note: Running the command Create preview 3D is not mandatory for the users who want to create sensors after solving a scenario.

Transitioning between the pre-processing (2D view), preview 3D and post-processing contexts (Regular solved scenario) of a project in Flux Skew

Figure 1 below illustrates the different states of a Flux Skew project and the actions required to transit between them.

Figure 1. Possible transitions between the different states of a Flux Skew project.