Solving options


For Skew solving, an additional state variable initialization strategy has been implemented for Magneto Static and Steady State AC applications (in beta mode). The 2D initialization strategy initializes the state variables with a 2D solution that is projected on all the layers. It is dedicated to projects having slow non-linear convergence and can significantly reduce the solving time.

Using that initialization strategy, Flux will first compute a 2D solution. On projects with slow non-linear convergence, the cost of this 2D solution computation is greatly compensated by the reduction of non-linear iterations and the global solving time can be divided by 3. Thus, it can be beneficial to use that strategy on Steady State AC Magnetic projects with non-linear materials and slip.

On the other hand, on projects without non-linear convergence troubles, the contribution of the 2D solution can be minor and the global solving time can increase. It is then unadvised to use that strategy on Magneto Static projects.


You can access this option in Beta (or advanced) mode, in the Solving process options. Under the Advanced tab, in “Initialization of state variables at the beginning of a step” field, select “With 2D solution (beta)”. Other solving options can be set as for a 2D solving.

With that initialization strategy, if result preview curves appear, the first one will be the 2D solution. During Skew solving, Skew result curves will then be drawn on the same graph and points will be updated after each step.