Altair database


The Altair database includes materials of different types originating from several manufacturers. It is not modifiable by the user. But it is possible to copy materials from this database to user database.

The icon to display or hide the Altair database is:

Naming norms

There are several nomenclature norms for materials (for example: AISI, ASTM, JIS, IEC).

In the materials manager, the name of a material supplied by Altair contains:

  • Manufacturer name
  • Material name chosen by the manufacturer
  • The associated frequency (if available)

For example, the magnetic material M220-50A, manufactured by Imphy, characterized at the frequency 50 Hz will be named Imphy_M220-50A_50Hz.

The names in other norms are referenced as well as possible in the “description” area of the « General » panel.


The Altair database is comprised of materials coming from various materials manufacturers. For example:

  • Imphy – Aperam
  • Magnequench
  • Thyssenkyupp
  • China steel
  • Cogent
  • Protolam