Management and execution of macros

Management of macros

The user can load or unload macros within the project. The macro can be reloaded into the project, if the file of the macro loaded into the project has been modified for example.

The Flux commands for the management of macros are located:

  • Either directly in one of the menus Geometry, Mesh Physics and Advanced
  • Or indirectly in the menu Extensions > Macro.
Flux command Function
Load loading a new macro into the project
Unload unloading the macro from the project
Update updating the macro

Integration within Flux

All the macros loaded into the Flux project appear:

  • in the Extensions > Macro node of the data tree
  • in the toolbar (icons)

The loaded macros are saved with the project.

Run a macro

The user can run a macro by using the Run command from the macro contextual menu or by clicking on the corresponding icon. The dialog box associated to the types of parameters is then displayed.

Direct access by menu

With the aim to highlight and facilitate access to the macros provided with Flux, a menu Load and run macro is implemented in each menu Geometry, Mesh Physics and Advanced.

The user has the possibility via this menu to :

  • load and execute a macro
  • consult the PDF documentation
    • point and click on a macro in the menu, then click on the button “I”

    • or point on the macro in the menu and CTRL+ right click on the macro

Note: * In the next versions, new macros will be added to enrich to the current list.