Useful functionalities

Sorting materials

It is possible to sort out the materials lists in their database by:

  • Manufacturer
  • Family
  • Property
  • Alphabetical order

The sorting is available via the following component:

Model creation help

A help window for model creation is available through the following icon:


A summary is automatically built for each material from the completed data. It contains the following parts:

  • General: the general data
  • Additional information: the date of creation and of modification
  • Magnetic characteristics: the name of the model and the physical parameters recovered or evaluated starting from the model (it allows to verify the model)
  • Electric/thermal characteristics: the name of the model

The icon to display or hide the summary window is:


Once the material magnetic model is completed, the associated curve is ploted.

The user can choose the quantity to display:

  • B(H)
  • µincremental(H), where µincremental = dB/dH: this curve permits the user to verify the validity of the model (unsmoothed spline) in Flux. The curve must be decreasing and must approach 1 to the infinite.
  • J(H): this curve is useful for permanent magnets

Python files import/export

It is possible to import or export material creation python files.
Note: To exchange materials between Flux and material manager, a dedicated workflow exist and is presented in the page Importing of the materials in a Flux project