What we can simulate with Flux


Considering previous statements, what can we simulate with Flux, and how is the simulation carried out?

Heat transfer in Flux

Concerning the heat transfer types:

  • only thermal conduction and radiation can be modeled in Flux
  • thermal convection, which presupposes heat transfer to a fluid cannot be directly modeled in Flux. Thermal convection heat transfer characterizes the boundaries of solid regions of the studied device and the surrounding fluid. It is also the case for the radiation to infinite.

Thermal states and applications in Flux

With the Flux software, different thermal states correspond to different physical applications.

The two available physical applications are the Steady state Thermal and Transient Thermal applications. Features of these applications are listed in the table below.

The state is treated with the application…

The power of thermal sources is…

steady Steady state Thermal constant in time
transient Transient Thermal constant in time
variable Transient Thermal time dependent
Note: The Transient Thermal application of Flux enables the study of both the transient and variable states.