Contour/Transient Animation

Use Flow Simulator's Contour and Transient Animation options to see the results of your model analysis on the Flow model as colored contours, or as a time animation for transient analysis. Use this tool to visualize common model inputs like restriction diameter or length, and to quickly check model inputs.

From the menu bar, select PostProcessing > Contour / Transient Animation to use the options.

Figure 1.

Colorize the Results in Flow Simulator

The Coloring option is located in the Contour/Transient Animation dialog. You can colorize either Initial Data or Result Data in Flow Simulator.

Figure 2.
  1. Load results from File > Load Result File.
  2. Select data (Initial Data, Result Data, or Element Inputs).
  3. Select the object property to colorize.
  4. Click Colorize.
Figure 3.

Perform a Transient Animation of the Results in Flow Simulator

In Flow Simulator, use the Animation option to see how the results change with time, elminating the need for an additional post-processing tool.

Figure 4.
  1. Select this folder, , to load the transient results.
  2. Select the object property to be colorized.
  3. Select the Result Data.
  4. Define the animation speed by moving the bar between Slow and Fast.
  5. Click Play.

Legend Widget Settings

From the Contour/Transient Animation dialog, click Legend Widget Settings to display the Legend Settings dialog, where you can modify the legend settings for the color and animation options.

Figure 5.
Fixed Scale
Displays a global maximum and minimum value in the legend for the time steps Flow Simulator has already processed.
Dynamic Scale
Changes the legend with respect to the maximum and minimum values of each time step or simulation.
Select the position of the legend within the Flow Simulator window (Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left, or Lower Right).
Coloring Type
Currently, only Discrete color pattern options are supported.
Numeric Precision
You can increment the current value from 1 to 12 decimal points.
Numeric Format
Displays the values in scientific format.
Displays the values in a fixed format.
Number of Levels
Displays more or less contour bands along with their respective ranges. The minimum number of bands you can display in a legend is 2; the maximum is 32.
Change the font type and style.
Header and Footer
Displays the legend header and footer. To remove the header/footer, deactivate the check box. To enter a new footer, highlight the existing text, type in a new header/footer, and click Apply.
Displays the legend title. The title reflects the settings used to generate the contour and cannot be changed. Click the font button to change the font style and size.
Displays the maximum and minimum legend values. Deselect the option to remove the minimum and maximum values from the display.
Reverse Colors
Reverses the legend values assigned to the contour bands.
Legend Min
The minimum legend value.
Legend Max
The maximum legend value.