The Grid can be used to place items in the modeling window on a regular pattern to improve the visual appearance and organize the model. When the Grid is active, items are snapped to the closest grid point during creation, copy, or move operations.
Figure 1.

Grid Details

The default grid is rectangular with a spacing increment of one screen unit and a size of 100 screen units. The Grid creation details are controlled from the Geometry > Grid window. The controls in the window include:
Activate Grid
If selected, items are snapped to the grid points.
Show Grid
If selected, the grid is displayed, but the items are snapped to the grid only if Activate Grid is selected.
Grid Type
Rectangular or Circular.
Grid Color
Controls grid or point color.
Grid Draw Type
Lines or Points.
Grid Position
X-Y, X-Z, or Y-Z plane.
Rectangular Grid Size and Increment
Controls the size of the grid and spacing in the X and Y direction.
Circular Grid Size and Increment
Control the size of the grid and the spacing in the radial and circumferential direction.