Batch Mode

Batch Mode

Flow simulator allows command line options to access various options of flow simulator. Here is the Flow Simulator Command list that user can access for various purposes.

Flow Simulator - Console Command List
FlowSimulator.exe -argument Functionality
-help or -h Display help menu for commands
-v Flow Simulator Version
-open Flow Simulator GUI (-open [myFile.flo])
-ic5 Initialize
-r2 Run Solver
-fsave Save Results to a separate folder “yes”
-o Save File (-o myFile.flo)
-l Load File (-l myFile.flo)
-i Import File (-i myFile.out [myFile.flo])
-e Export File (-e myFile.flo [myFile.out])
-mc1 file File is the multicase import file to open
-mc2 # Set multicase starting case to #
-mc3 # Set multicase ending case to #
-mc4 file File is the multicase prescript to open
-mc5 file File is the multicase postscript to open
-mc6y Set multicase initialization to “yes”
-mc6n Set multicase initialization to “no”
-mc7a Set multicase load option to “1st case only”
-mc7b Set multicase load option to “every case”
Note: You must use -v, -help or -h, -open as commands without arguments


Processing Priorities: Load File > Import File > Initialize File > Export File > Save File > Run Solver

Example 1:

To load file then import file then save file commands are executed:

FlowSimulator.exe -l myFile.flo -o myFileSaved.flo -i myFile.out

Example 2:

To open Flow Simulator GUI from command line:

FlowSimulator.exe -v FlowSimulator.exe -h FlowSimulator.exe -help

Example 3:

To open GUI with a myFile.flo file or to open without a file.

FlowSimulator.exe -open
FlowSimulator.exe -open myFile.flo

Example 4:

To run Flow Simulator with multicase *.mcs file:

FlowSimulator.exe -l myFile.flo -mc1 my_import_file -mc2 1 -mc3 21 -mc6y
Note: If mc1, mc2, and mc3 are all on the command line, Flow Simulator will automatically run the multicase.
Note: It is not allowed to use -l and -e commands together.

Example 5:

To load a myFile.flo, initialize it, and save as myFile.flo.

FlowSimulator.exe -l myFile.flo -ic5 -o myNewFile.flo

Example 6:

To load myFile.flo, import myFile.out into myFile.flo, and save file as myFileSavedflo.

FlowSimulator.exe -l myFile.flo -i myFile.out -o myFileSaved.flo

Example 7:

To load myFile.flo, run solver on this file.

FlowSimulator.exe -l myFile.flo -r2

Example 8:

To load myFile.flo, run solver on this file and save results to a separate folder.

FlowSimulator.exe -l myFile.flo -fsave -r2