Full Wave and Asymptotic Solution Methods

The Solver includes multiple frequency and time domain solution methods. True hybridisation of some of these methods enables efficient analysis of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic problems. You can also use more than one solver method for cross-validation purposes.

Figure 1. Illustration of the numerical analysis techniques in Feko.
The following solution methods are supported:
  • Full wave frequency domain solution methods:
    • MoM (method of moments)
    • FEM (finite element method)
    • MLFMM (multilevel fast multipole method)
  • Full wave time domain solution methods:
    • FDTD (finite difference time domain)
  • Asymptotic solution methods:
    • PO (physical optics)
    • LE-PO (large element physical optics)
    • RL-GO (ray launching geometrical optics)
    • UTD (uniform theory of diffraction)