Goal Objective

Choose between a single value or range of values defined by a mask to which the required output is compared with.

Single Value Objective

This objective is defined in the Value text-box. The optimisation error (convergence accuracy) is evaluated by comparing this value to the processed focus value according to the defined operator. Where the focus remains an array after the processing steps are applied, the objective value is compared to each of the array values separately, and the cumulative error is extracted according to the operator type by a summation of all of the errors.

Mask Objective

A 2D mask may be predefined and used as the objective of an optimisation goal. This allows for the comparison of an array of calculated data with a predefined array in the evaluation of the fitness of the optimisation step. This type of objective is typically used when a quantity varies with position, observation angle or frequency within one optimised simulation result. The length of the mask array is not required to be the same length as the computed data array it is compared to. The optimiser uses a piece-wise linear fitting on the mask array to determine the values for comparison with the correct points (output points as calculated according to the solution setup).