Focus Processing Options

Specify what operation should be performed on the selected goal.

The following processing steps are common to all goals.

No processing
Where the focus is non-complex, no processing steps are required. In order to consider the focus directly, the No processing option is provided.
x  x
Selects a specific component of a complex focus type. For an array, the complex component of each array element is taken, delivering a non-complex array.
xRe( x ) ; xIm( x ) ; xPhase( x ) ; xMag( x )
Unwraps a phase component. For a phase array, the whole array is considered in the unwrap process. This operator is applied directly after selecting Phase.
xunwrap( x )
Absolute value
Takes the absolute value. For an array, the absolute value of each element is taken.
x  | x |
Finds the average, minimum or maximum value of an array. This has no effect on a single value.
xave( x ) ; xmin( x ) ; xmax( x )
Normalises to the largest value in an array. For a single value, 1 will be returned.
x   x max( x )
Takes the base-10 logarithm. For an array, the base-10 logarithm of each element of the array is taken. This operator is only available for non-complex values or arrays.
x log 10 ( x )
Adds a specified non-complex value. For an array, the value is added to each element of the array. This operator is only available for non-complex values or arrays.
Multiplies by a specified scale factor. For an array, each element of the array is multiplied by the scaling factor.
Applies an exponent. For an array of values, the exponent of each value in the array is taken.
x   x n
When a processing step is modified and the step becomes invalid, the processing step reverts to an Undefined state. Delete or redefine all Undefined steps before applying the changes to the goal.