Which Solution Methods Support GPU Acceleration?

Feko supports the use of a graphics processing unit (GPU) for simulation acceleration using the unified device architecture (CUDA) framework from NVIDIA for sequential (single CPU core) runs.

Note: Minimum requirements for the CUDA device:
  • Compute capability of at least 3.5
  • Driver installed on system must support CUDA 11.6.
The computational phases targeted for execution on a CUDA-based GPU show a significant speedup compared to standard CPU-based execution.
The following solution methods support GPU acceleration:

Includes SEP, VEP, planar Green's function (multilayer substrates) and thin dielectric sheets for single and double precision matrix solve (LU decomposition).

Support single or multiple GPUs.

Supports multiple GPUs.

For manual (fixed) ray launching grid and flat meshes (not curvilinear).

Supports single GPU.

Supports single GPU.