Bandpass FSS

Calculate the transmission coefficient of a second order, electrically thin bandpass FSS (frequency selective surface) structure. The structure is modelled with a periodic boundary condition and is excited with an incident plane wave.

Model the structure using the following two solvers:
  1. The method of moments (MoM) solution with the surface equivalence principle (SEP).
  2. The hybrid finite element method and method of moments (FEM/MoM) method.
Figure 1. 3D view view of the second order FSS.

Compare the transmission coefficient with the reference.1

1 A New Technique for Design of Low-Profile Second-Order, Bandpass Frequency Selective Surfaces, Mudar Al-Joumayly and Nader Behdad, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, Vol. 57, No.2, Feb 2009