Extract selected geometry features and transfer them to a new part.

  1. On the Geometry ribbon, select the Extract tool.

    Note: The tool may be hidden in the dropdown menu. To access the dropdown menu, you can do one of the following:
    • Select at the lower right corner of the currently displayed tool.
    • Click and hold the currently displayed tool.
  2. Select a sketch, face, edge, or point.
    Note: Your first selection sets the selection filter. For example, if you select an edge, then your remaining selections must be edges.
  3. Select additional features to extract, based on your first selection.
  4. Optional: Click the icon in the microdialog to break the reference between the original part and the extracted part.
    Note: If you wish to restore the reference, you must click the icon before clicking Apply.
  5. Click Apply on the guide bar or microdialog to extract the selected features and create a new part.
  • Entities selected from the same original part will become a single new part, even if they are not contiguous.
  • Entities selected from different original parts will become separate new parts, even if the original entities were in contact with each other.