Component Placement Angle

Manage the angle of the component for efficient mounting.

More detailed information:
  • All: Analyze all component angles with the defined allowable angle and order options.
    • Allowable Angle: Select the allowed component angle.
    • Allowable Order: Select an order of angle values for analysis. Use this to detect which angle measurements are associated with a specific order number. For example, a 90° angle measurement is used with the first in the allowable order, other angles are detected as an error.
  • Component Group: Enter the details of a component group for allowable angle and order analysis.
    • Item: Specify the item name.
    • Component Group: Select a specific component from the component group for angle analysis.
    • Check Type: Select Allowable Angle or Allowable Order.
    • Allowable Angle: Enter the allowed component angle.
    • Allowable Order: Enter an order of angle values for analysis.
    • Rare angle per Part Name: Enter an angle that is rare for the specified part. This is a sub-option for the Allowable Order feature.
    • Remainder: Enter the remaining components excluded from the analyzed component group. Use the allowable angle and order sub-features to input values for the remainder analysis.