Component Direction

This rule checks the placement angle of two passive components like power inductor.

Power components, such as inductors, carry a large amount current so it can create heavy magnetic field around its body. If pair of power inductors are used, designers should be careful while placing two inductors in order to prevent noise coupling between them. The placement angle should be bigger than 90 degrees.
  • Item: Enter item name.
  • Start Component: Define start component. The Net1 and Net2 should be connected to this component.
  • Angle: Define required passive components placement angle. Multiple select is allowed.
  • Net1: Assign net in order to determine 1st passive component among Comp1.
  • Comp1: Assign passive component group.
  • Net2: Assign net in order to determine 2nd passive component among Comp2.
  • Comp2: Assign passive component group.