Power Rails

Define the power rail library for power integrity analysis.

  1. Click Properties > Power Rails.
    The Power Rail dialog opens.
  2. Click the power signal name to show its properties.
    The Power Rail Properties dialog opens.
    • DC Current Sink: Define the DC current and the allowable DC voltage drop.
    • Target Impedance: Specify the target impedance by frequency.
      • Add: Add a new target impedance.
      • Remove: Remove the selected target impedance.
      • Import (Excel): Import target impedance from MS Excel.
      • Export (Excel): Export current target impedance to MS Excel.

        Figure 1.
    • Package PDS Model: Define the power distribution system (PDS) model type and model library file.
      • Model Type: Select the package PDS model type. SPICE, S-parameter, Y-parameter, and Z-parameter models are available.
      • Model File: Select the model file.