Package Type Editor

Add and edit the package type and its class.

Figure 1.
  1. Package Type: Display package type.
  2. Reference Package Type: Display reference package type.
  3. Package Class: Display or package class.
    Chip Scale, Small Outline, Other SMT, Thru-Hole and Miscellaneous. are available.
  4. Add: Add a new package type.

    Figure 2.
    1. Package type name: Specify a new package type name.
    2. Reference package type: Select the reference package type.
      Only one reference package type is allowed.
    3. Search: Search a reference package type with specified keyword.
    4. OK: Save and close dialog.
    5. Cancel: Discard setting and close dialog.
  5. Remove: Remove selected package type.
  6. Edit: Edit selected package type.

    Figure 3.
  7. Save: Save the current setting.
  8. Save As: Save the current setting as a new file (*.ptyp).
  9. Load Default Package Types: Load default package types from default setting file (UPMS.ptyp) defined in Setting.