Zuken CR8000/CR5000

PollEx PCB can read Zuken CR8000/CR5000 ASCII files. Upon using the utility, you can extract ASCII file from Zuken BD’s binary design, *.pcb.

ASCII files are extracted using the utility command, BDExtractor.exe.

PollEx PCB supports two types of board types: single and arrayed board to read Zuken CR8000/CR5000. The array board file, *.pnf, should contain single boards information and single board files, *.pcf, should also exist in the same folder.

Figure 1.
Type ASCII File
Single Board *.pcf or *.dsgf, *.ftf
Array Board *.pnf or *.mdgf, *.ftf

To import a design into PollEx PCB using ASCII files, click File > Import ECAD > Zuken CR8000/CR5000 from the menu bar.

  1. The Import from Zuken CR8000/CR5000 dialog opens and contains the following sections:
    • Reading Board Selection: Select the board type between Arrayed Board and Single Board.
      • Array Board: Check this option to read arrayed board. PollEx PCB will read *.pnf or *.mdgf and *.ftf file.
      • Single Board: Check this option to read single board. PollEx PCB will read *.pcf or *.dsgf and *.ftf file.
    • Zuken PCB ASCII File(*.PCF, *.DSGF): PollEx PCB read two ASCII files, *.pcf or *.dsgf and *.ftf, but it is enough to specify with *.pcf or *.dsgf. PollEx PCB automatically find *.ftf file in the same folder. For reading arrayed board, another two files, *.pnf or *.mdgf, and *.ftf, are necessary.
    • Destination File(*.DST): Import *.dst file of variant information.
    • User Defined Setting: Specify parameters for data importing options.
  2. The User Defined Setting for CR-8000/CR-5000 dialog opens.
    • Board Contour Layer Name Setup: For the single and arrayed board, you can define the layer name of board contour layer. Then, you can also define the rule to read as many as number of single boards or just one for same type board during arrayed board reading case.
      • Check Board Layer Name Spelling: When this option is checked, PollEx PCB will check the specified name and if there is no matching layer, show the warning message to users.
      • Display only One for the Same Boards in Arrayed Board: When user imports arrayed board and if there are same type board, PollEx PCB will show only one board shape for multiple board.
    • User Defined Hole Layers: Specify the layer name in Board Designer to be used with hole data layer in PDB.
      • Convert closed Polyline to Polygon shape: Import the closed polylines to the polygon shapes.
    • Silk Screen: Specify silk screen layers of Zuken design data for top and bottom. Otherwise, silk screen layers of Zuken data are imported as the Board Figure Layer.
    • Display Option
      • Display meshed plane to solid plane: Show meshed plane shape to same as solid plane after importing design.
    • Apply to Environment Setting: Apply settings to the environment setting.